Major Shakeup For YouTube As CEO Susan Wojcicki Opts To Leave

YouTube is witnessing some major changes after its CEO of nine years opted to step down and leave the company.

Susan Wojcicki has been serving as YouTube’s head for the past nine years. Moreover, it’s been over 25 years since she joined Google. This is why the decision of her departure is one that critics feel is the end of an era.

The news was made public by her in a recently published blog post. This is where she mentioned how she opted to depart for her own well-being. She wanted to begin a new chapter of her life that was more based on the likes of health, spending quality time with loved ones, and taking part in those projects that she holds a huge passion for.

Her replacement for the post of YouTube’s CEO is none other than Neal Mohan. He has been leading the firm as its Chief Operating Officer after being appointed for the position in 2015.

But it has been speculated that Wojcicki would be staying around for a while to assist in the whole transition process of the new CEO taking charge. Despite her departure from the top position, she would continue to serve as an advisor for both Google as well as its parent firm Alphabet.

During the era that she served as the company’s head, the app underwent a long list of changes as well as taking on several new additions. This entails several interesting rollouts including YouTube Kids and the famous YouTube Premium service. But out of them,, one that really shot up to fame was YouTube TV.

This was another name reserved for a program launched in the year 2017. It was based on the most popular television series that users were demanding and hence with the help of internet live, it was able to get the green light for success within no time.

Just before the news of her leaving the company was made public, the platform did mention that it had achieved a great milestone by signing the NFL on a multi-year-long agreement. This was designed to take on board the NFL Sunday Ticket beginning with the new season this year.

Hence, now, the season pass required to see all NFL games on Sunday would be up for grabs as an additional feature for the likes of YouTube TV. Another option would be to take it on as a separate standalone offering for regular users of the app.

Photo: Susan Wojcicki / YT

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