Snapchat Hits New Milestone With More Than 750 Million Monthly Active Users

It’s time for celebrations at one of the world’s biggest social media platforms Snapchat.

The company says it is doing great after hitting a new milestone of active users comprising more than 750 million per month. But that’s not the only good news.

The social media giant mentioned how it has observed nearly 375 million users logging into the app on a daily basis. And that is definitely nowhere near to what Facebook has, which is around 2.9 billion monthly and 2 billion daily, but it’s definitely major for the company in terms of its growth. Clearly, the audiences are moving in an upward direction and they’re loving the news.

The findings were mentioned by Snap at a recently held investor day program where it further explained how it foresees a new path for the app to go over the one billion mark in the next few years.

Breaking the figures a little, we’re seeing how a lot of the audience is coming up from the region of North America. This is where it has around 150 million active members per month.

The company’s CEO claims the platform has reached out to all age groups including 13-year-olds and 34-year-olds in nearly 20 different nations around the globe. And these users are publishing posts that hit the 5 million snap mark each day.

In other news, the company shed light on its Snapchat+ subscription service which currently comprises over 2.5 million people in a time span of just seven months after going live. Let’s not forget about the Snap Map app which has more than 300 million people on it each month as well.

These are some very huge signs of positivity across the board for the company which reported a tough year in 2022. That is when we saw shares fall by nearly 80% between the latter part of 2021 and the middle of 2022. This is also when the firm was left with zero option but to further cut down on costs with massive layoffs.

Nearly 1300 employees were given the boot. Similarly, Snapchat was forced to bid farewell to a few projects. Out of those, the most notable one had to be its Pixy Selfie Drone. It was ditched after a four-month launch by the company.

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