YouTube Could Soon Offer Creators The Chance To Include Multiple Audio Tracks In A Single Video

YouTube is busy conducting a quiet test that enables creators to include several soundtracks in a single video.

The news is even more exciting because the feature enables the addition of music in several languages which has never been done on the app before.

The company was seen speaking about how only a limited number of creators are currently being offered access but with time, it hopes to enable a wider launch soon as confirmed by reports from media outlet Insider.

This new rollout would give a second attempt to both older content on the app via dubbing as well as newer videos so they can reach out to a more global market soon. The platform’s spokesperson confirmed how creators should expect a wider release by this year’s end.

For now, we’re hearing more about how the app’s biggest creator with the largest fan following has been given access. And there are no guesses here because it’s none other than Mr. Beast.

One of his most popular features entails a recreation of the popular show on Netflix called Squid Game. And now, with the help of this rollout, it can be viewed in up to 12 different languages. This includes the likes of Arabic, Russian, Thai, and others. Moreover, users can look for the feature by pressing on the button for settings and then clicking on the audio track.

Meanwhile, other top creators of the platform have been conducting plenty of trials with global content on the app for several years now. In 2019, we saw a creator called Ryan Kaji claim the launch of his new channel that would cater to Spanish-speaking audiences.

Google knows that globalization is slowly but surely turning into a more relevant aspect in today’s day and age. When you attain that subscriber mark of millions, people want to see you expand and cater more to their market. After all, all creators have a global audience.

Unilingo also says that it works with so many creators in assisting to translate content and launch several other channels that are more language specific. They’re trying hard to do this by repurposing older-themed content.

It’s interesting how exactly it does this. For instance, you’ll find them assigning contracts to translators, voice-over artists, and even engineers who handle sound. Meanwhile, the core team comprises of so many others including managers and editors.

It was only recently that we saw it offers an option for translation of content that utilizes AI-powered technology instead of the usual voice actor.

But as far as this new feature is concerned, it's giving people who have access to it the chance to add several different songs in one go on a single video. They can even go back and make edits when desirable and even include them in the likes of older videos. Clearly, it’s exciting news and one that many creators would adore. What do you think?

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