Instagram Shifts Focus To Posting More Images As Views On Reels Reveal Poor Performance

For several years now, we’ve heard Meta’s leading Instagram app shift focus from classic image posts to video content. To be more specific, it wanted users to make more Reels after seeing the success of arch-rival apps like TikTok.

The decision was not loved by many users including leading celebs with a huge fan following. A lot of people expressed their concerns on the matter and hoped a day would come when Instagram would revert back to its usual picture-posting endeavors.

But we didn’t see that happening as Instagram continued to focus more on promoting videos as compared to pictures. This forced content creators to move on with no choice but adopt video formats. Unfortunately, they still aren’t doing well.

Recent stats have proven that Instagram Reels’ views are not doing so great. These video formats are not taking hold and have greatly struggled. Therefore, Instagram is making quick plans to shift back to picture posts. The news was mentioned in a recent report by Adweek.

In the past several weeks, so many Reels were located across social media accounts and they showed how fewer views were getting generated in so many different cases. But at the same time, image performance has increased overall.

This move has left executives fighting and hopes to keep a great hold of some important budgets linked to video production. Moreover, it shifts the focus back to posting up more pictures.

The most annoying ordeal linked to this is how the start of the year saw plenty of businesses approving their strategies that had to do with video content promotion. Even budgets were finalized for such calls. But now, seeing Instagram switch sides again is bound to be so frustrating.

Leading brands have even put up examples of how they may have had 1000 views at the start but now, they’re only recording 100 views. And that’s a major drop and issue as you can imagine. This is despite the accounts having the same number of followers with no respective changes being noted.

It’s quite clear here what Instagram is trying to do. They want to publish more content that works well with the algorithm and as time goes on, trends are changing. And right now, it’s images that are reigning supreme.

If only the platform could give its creators and businesses a heads-up in advance to avoid feeling flustered and under pressure to wrap around their changes, that would be great. And we’re not speaking about ourselves but the general consensus of those making revenue through the app.

Brands that have set out huge budgets for the sake of video content are the ones that would struggle here, we feel.

Toward the end of last month, Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri did admit to how the app may have overestimated the potential of videos and reels and not incorporated too much focus on images. But now, the goal is to strike a balance and that must be the best way forward, do you agree?

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