Instagram Is Working On The Ability For Users To Search For Viewers In Stories

Instagram is a platform that many adore for several reasons and one of them has to be its great versatility.

And the latest feature for testing is certainly one that many would adore, especially those who put out stories for a certain someone to see.

According to social media enthusiast, Hammond Oh, who recently put up a screenshot in this regard, the app is testing the ability to search for viewers across its Stories feature. This means you can easily see if that special someone made the effort to view your content or not.

While there is yet to be any sort of confirmation from the app itself in this regard, it’s definitely outlined to be a major game changer as you’ll immediately be noticed as viewing the story by a particular content creator.

It seems like the app is going through with the rollout after many found it hard to search for viewers when the number of followers for a particular account was so huge.

Previously, you’d have to scroll down the story’s views to see if a person you were interested in was viewing it. But now, it appears like the app would be giving users the chance to simply type in their name and see if they’re on the list or not. How cool is that?

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