Instagram is rolling out gifts feature for more content creators in the US

Reels are becoming the center of everything on Instagram. With its growing popularity, it is only right that the platform monetizes the feature so that creators might get an incentive to create even better.

This feature was first launched in November as a test. After being successful, Instagram has now announced that all content creators living in the US will be able to receive gifts from their followers.

The process of giving these gifts is simple. Followers will be able to find a button on the clips that will enable them to give gifts to their favorite content creators on the reel. These gifts will be in the form of online stickers.

Now how will creators benefit from online stickers? These stickers will serve as tokens. In exchange for these tokens, creators would be able to get money.

Reel viewers will be able to purchase these gifts in-stream by utilizing Meta’s in-app currency, Stars. These gifts in the form of stickers would be available at various prices.

When Instagram explained the process, it was noted that each sticker is worth $0.1. With so little worth, how does Instagram expect creators to earn? While it's nothing, in the long run, the total might equate to a large amount.

To cash out their money, creators have a threshold they need to reach. The limit here is $100. With these stickers worth only $0.1, creators are allowed to cash out when they earn $100 in total, meaning this includes money from other monetization programs on the platform.

Seeing how every platform is striving to create the best monetization programs for their short-video format, reel creators are in for a feast. This indicates that for newbies, it might be best to focus on creating a short-video format to gain popularity.

YouTube also recently launched a new network where the platform will pay a percentage of the money created by reel ads to eligible creators. TikTok is also working on something similar.

To check if you have access to the reel monetization option on Instagram while living in the US, simply check your Professional Dashboard. Once you start it, start giving or receiving gifts!

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