The Use Of Health and Fitness Apps is Becoming Popular and Gen Z Have A Huge Part in It

There is the growth seen in health and fitness apps, especially after the covid-19 pandemic. According to Airship’s research, about 81% of people are planning on using these apps to improve their health in 2023. The study also revealed that consumers in the US, UK, and France are using these apps regularly for their health.

27% of people are using these apps for connecting with friends and family, working out (26%), improving sleep (17%), and improving their diet (16%). This shows that people are looking for more than just a standalone workout app, but also want to track their progress and connect with others to keep them motivated. The users of these health and fitness apps are mostly from the USA, where 15% of them often visit virtual doctors while this trend is just 10% in French users. 7% of UK users are trying to get help from a virtual doctor through these apps. The trend of these health and fitness apps is the opposite for USA users and UK and French users. Most users in the USA are using these apps to improve their nutritional intake and diet, while users in the UK and France are mostly using these apps to improve sleep. US users are also monitoring their heart rates through these fitness apps.

The trend of using health and fitness apps is widely seen among Gen Z. It is quite obvious as 94% of youngsters believe that they can improve their health using health and fitness apps, followed by 90% of millennials and 82% of Generation X. On the other hand, only 65% of baby boomers showed the same intention.

The results indicate a potential market for health and fitness app developers to attract new customers. However, retaining users can be challenging. To maintain their loyalty, developers need to prioritize providing a positive user experience and increasing engagement. Some apps may also lack compelling content or rewards, leading to user attrition.
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