Google Called A Durable Monopoly In Search By US Supreme Court As Its $168 Billion Ad Revenue At Stake In Another Case

Google has been dubbed as behaving as a dual monopoly in the world of search by the US Justice Department.

It claims the leading Android maker functions as the gatekeeper of the internet due to these reasons. It was mentioned in a series of newly published court papers that remain unsealed.

The tech giant has been accused further of cementing all monopolies via exclusionary distribution documents that make way for billions of dollars through the likes of search on Google every single day.

And by having a great number of users on a daily basis, the entire mechanism works in a feedback loop that impacts the quality of search results of users as well as the degree of competition taking place.

These court papers were filed in the District of Columbia through Judge Amit Mehta as a reply to the tech giant’s request for a summary. This in turn means a judgment would arise before a trial could begin in terms of antitrust lawsuits being brought out by both federal as well as state officials.

These lawsuits were set out in the latter part of 2020 and included accusations that the search engine giant got great dominance on the web by forcing itself to be a default search engine seen across the Mozilla Firefox Browser as well as Safari, which is Apple’s offering. They managed to do it by arranging another pre-installed search engine on various Android smart devices.

But Google is not backing down without any fight. It argued that all documentations with tech giants Apple and Mozilla weren’t anti-competitive for a number of reasons. And that means these deals don’t stop consumers from resorting to different options in the world of search.

The US Justice Department mentioned that no matter what Google may believe, default settings do end up impacting traffic immensely.

So by being the default search engine, Google is smartly reaching out to so many of its user base as the browser is preinstalled as well as placed so appropriately on an app. Users that have a default browser in place tend to stick to it, even if they are given the chance to make amendments to such settings.

On another front, the country’s Supreme Court is all set to hear out a new case that spells danger for the web’s most attractive business. The case filed against Google talks about whether or not big tech giants have the right to attain content that their respective algorithms end up recommending to others on the platform.

But many big names in the industry feel they are protected by some huge legal shields that give them the right to do so.

However, a lot of the case’s discussion is related to online firms and if the court feels they are responsible legally to answer to the millions of comments, posts, and videos set out by users on a daily basis, then this is certainly news.

What it could also end up doing is affecting the major way through which tech giants like Google make money which is online advertising. Both Google as well as Meta rely on this to generate revenue for their firms and we can only imagine the outcome of this case that Google is looking through the eyes of a very threatening affair.

The lawsuit is brought forward by an American citizen’s family named Nohemi Gonzalez who was reportedly killed in an Attack in Paris in the year 2015. They feel both Google and its YouTube app need to be brought to justice for providing automated recommendations for explicit videos that promote such terrorist activities.

H/T: Bloomberg / MP

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