Creator Insider answers hot FAQs about YouTube's Partner Program contract terms

Creator Insider, an informal YouTube channel that highlights any latest development the platform has to offer to content creators, is back with another video. This time, the channel answered some frequently asked questions regarding the YPP contract.

The YouTube Partner Program is meant to provide creators with more access to resources and monetization features. It will enable the sharing of revenue generated from advertisements shown during the videos. While the platform established clear eligibility criteria to become a part of the program, there were still several queries that were answered by Conor through Creator Insider.

Starting with the first question, if a creator accidentally dismisses the YPP contract notification, how can it be accepted? To this, Conor clarified that by visiting the Earn tab and tapping the Get Started button, the contract will start.

Next up, if a user only accepts some terms initially and wants to accept more, this can also be fixed from the earn tab. From the “ways to earn” option, tap “get started” and accept more terms. Another similar question is what happens when someone mistakenly leaves the YPP during their acceptance term. The user can simply visit the “Earn” tab and apply to YPP again.

Another frequently asked question is about multiple modules. To this, Conor clarified that the addition of multiple modules to YPP is for future modifications regarding monetization instead of renewing the whole agreement. Next up for those who couldn’t become a part of YPP, they asked on what basis short views would be accumulated for YPP eligibility. To clear up this confusion, Creator Insider explained that through the “Earn” tab, creators can track the activity of their channel. If the activity follows the eligibility criteria, then the creator can apply for the YPP contract.

Another common question was: if a creator has already been paid with short-term funds, will they automatically become a party to the contract? The answer to this question is no; to become part of the YPP contract, it has to be applied. And lastly, does Short count toward the 4000 watch hours of eligibility? The answer to this question is also no. Combined activity across formats is not how the eligibility criteria are considered.

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