Facebook Launches More Tools For Comment Moderation So Creators Can Better Manage Conversations

Facebook has rolled out an array of new tools for comment moderation.

The leading social media platform announced the purpose behind the endeavor being one that allows creators to keep tabs on conversations taking place across the app.

Now, creators would be getting the chance to look for comments through the likes of keywords as well as emoji reactions. Similarly, names of commenters and respective dates would also be included as key details on several posts that take part in actions like hiding and liking.

Moreover, such tools are designed to be easy to use and for the addition of convenience via the platform’s section designated as Professional Dashboard on Facebook. In the same way, the app claims it is busy announcing this feature in time for the grand Safer Internet Day because it feels it can really revolutionalize the way things are running.

The app by Meta also mentioned today its desire to launch moderation stats across the feature called Activity Log. For those who might not be aware, this is the name given to a feature that effectively moderates comments. These are included by users on a creator’s post with the help of designated criteria that can be set up in advance.

Thanks to this new addition, creators get the chance to see insights on a few things like the exact number of comments that may have been disguised in the past one month. Similarly, the creators get the chance to see which criteria were met while comments were hidden by going to the comment preview section. The same goes for the criteria tag is seen across the Moderation Assist’s activity log.

Meta says the design of such tools assists creators in keeping the entire online community safe and serves as the foundation for the app’s creator efforts. Therefore, they hope to keep on investing in this feature with time.

As per TC, Meta also expanded this Moderation Assist feature in the past year and designed a new hub for Creator Support too. So the updates seen today are so creators can reap the benefits and search for specific comments with ease via simple identification points like emojis and dates among others.

Facebook’s parent firm also mentioned how their goal is to give back to the creator community because they really do work hard at making posts and building up the community. Moreover, this particular launch is being hailed as one that also allows for safer interactions with different communities.

In the past year, the firm was seen sending out an expansion so creators could gain access to the feature for live chat agents and their respective support while rolling out different options for moderation along the way. This would be attained through a more professional mode.

Clearly, this isn’t the first time that Meta has proven how focused and driven it is to give creators better options for moderation and greater control across its Facebook app.

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