Netflix Reaches 600,000 Monthly Active Users For Its Advertising Tier

Great news for streaming giant Netflix who recently confirmed the success of its advertising tier.

The company says it currently stands at 600,000 monthly active users who have subscribed to the ad option. This is nearly three times the figure we witnessed in November, as per executives contacted by media outlet Television News Daily.

Moreover, the streaming giant has spoken about how all the deals are currently delivering nearly 100% as of this moment in time. Around 99% have been reported to be active as of now and the news comes after another report spoke about the success of Netflix’s subscriber count for advertising.

Netflix was seen launching this advertising option called Basic with Ads in November for around $7 each month. But as of now, the company’s reps are not responding to queries thrown at them independently.

During the time that we first saw the company launch this option, executives were informed about the starting subscriber estimates could reach 1.75 million "by the end of the first quarter".

Then in November, we saw the estimated figure of 9% be allotted to Netflix’s Basic with Ads option by users across the US. This happened to be the least popular Netflix plan during that month as per a recently conducted research by a top analytics firm called Antenna.

Today, Netflix’s subscriber count stands at 73 million in both the US and Canada. And during this period, after a launch was seen in months like December, Netflix was seen being left with no choice but to give back cash to those initial advertisers.
This was mostly related to its lack of ability to search for enough advertising inventory for a very high-demand Q4 time period, as per reports from media executives talking to TND.

Moreover, we saw it gain more viewer guarantee shortfalls for plenty of marketers in the industry.

Underdevliery has varied by plenty of leading factors. Some of those included the likes of flight weeks, client restrictions, and more, as per a report by a top executive from a media agency.

But at the same time, some clients were observed to be under the 20-ish label. And by that time, another executive spoke about not making people spend a lot of funds and that was not really cash back, in its literal sense.

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