Bill Gates Says The Most Important Innovations Taking Place In The Tech World Involve AI

The famous co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates is speaking highly of AI-powered technology.

He claims that the tech world has been swept off some great innovations and most of them have to do with the power of AI. Meanwhile, in another particular interview with a top podcast station based in Germany, Gates claims AI has great potential.

Furthermore, he says that it can better automate tasks in certain aspects than others. And the sectors that can truly benefit include the likes of education as well as health care.

In the past, things were so different. AI chatbots didn’t exist, and neither could they read and comprehend the data being presented to them. Now, it’s very different. If you give them textbooks, they’re designed in a manner that enables them to write and read so easily.

Taking the leading AI Chatbot ChatGPT as a great example, he explained how it was definitely prone to errors. But if you ask them to read and summarize a biology textbook for your next test, they would be able to do it with ease.

It’s designed so well to read and write, and do so much more, the Microsoft co-founder revealed. Similarly, he believes that with the way things are going and the speed at which they’re taking place, it wouldn’t be long before we’re going to be saying hello to modern innovation that relies less on humans.

The news comes as Bill Gates touched on the subject of Microsoft’s new Bing chatbot. He does admit that users might be finding bias. But seeing this arrive alongside another competitor by Google called Bard, it’s definitely opening up the world to a new form of revolution.

AI is getting integrated into almost anything and everything. It’s scary but so exciting he feels.

Next up, Gates sees its addition to the likes of programs including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams. This is when the billionaire shed light on a chat example from Teams speaking about the firm’s sales.

He feels anyone can ask for AI chatbots to bring up things such as sales for any particular nation. Meanwhile, as far as human jobs are concerned, this new type of technology could be making manpower redundant.
Typing jobs may be obliterated completely soon with AI doing the task for you in seconds and for free. And there’s nothing more convenient than that.

As it is, typists are rarely seen and this just makes it more believable that AI is going to have a major impact on the future of jobs in the industry tomorrow.

But at the same time, it’s not all that bad. AI-powered technology and chatbots may transform the world of white-collar jobs for the better.
People would be given a chance to become more efficient through this sort of technology.

Whatever the case may be, the address by Gates was both positive and negative but only time can tell how true his beliefs turn out to be.

Photo: Bill Gates / YouTube Channel

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