Survey results suggest Yahoo Search will be dead on arrival

Jim Lanzone, the Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo, while replying to Greg Sterling’s Twitter poll, hinted that Yahoo Search is on its way back.

Since January 2023, the platform has been hinting to announce its return. The company have already started seeking for someone to hire as the principal product manager for the platform. The job description states that the company is looking for people who can manage to influence how other people use Search. The position will enable them to not just lead the whole operation but also participate in formulating strategies for the project. They will not just be responsible for prioritizing what their audience wants but will also work to fulfil the demands.

Greg Sterling, cofounder of Near Media, posted a poll on his Twitter profile on January 31. The poll was based on whether Yahoo would be able to revive Search. A total of 631 users participated in the survey. 43.7 percent of them believed that search will be dead on arrival, whereas 29.6 percent of them believed that now is the time. And 26.6 percent of them think that revival is dependent on the user interface (UI).

Jim replied to the poll by saying that the company is ready to explore ways to revive the project.

Another significant sign is the revival of Twitter account of the search engine. Since 20th Jan 2023, the profile has tweeted hints of a possible return. Brian Provost, Senior Vice President of Yahoo, posted on LinkedIn that Search will experience transformation. While it will be difficult to leave a big mark, the company is still finding people who are interested in transforming Search.

Ever since tech giant Google established itself as the giant of this field, Yahoo’s era started to reach its end, and platform experienced a downfall. But with the latest updates, it will be interesting to see how Yahoo will be competing once again under Jim’s command. It can be expected that the company will be coming up with new innovative ideas as well as a new interface to attract more users towards itself.

Yahoo Search initially made its debut in 1995, one year before Google. The platform had a number of opportunities to redeem itself, but due to some poor decisions in the past, they lost their chance.

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