Apple Issues Warning as Crypto mining Malware Sneaks into Pirated Final Cut Pro Copies

Following the discovery of a well-hidden crypto-mining virus in Final Cut Pro copies obtained illegally, Apple has issued a strict warning to Mac users. It's estimated that the malware has infected hundreds of thousands of computers globally.

The virus was found by cybersecurity company JAMF Threat Labs, which claimed that it is disguising itself as a genuine installation for Final Cut Pro, a well-known Mac video editing program. Following installation, the software discreetly mines cryptocurrency on the victim's computer without their knowledge or agreement.

The researchers claim that the malware is extremely smart & clever. After all, it is hard for most antivirus tools to detect because it is buried deep within the software code. It is also designed to evade detection by only activating when the user is idle, which makes it less noticeable and less likely to trigger security alerts.

The researchers say that the malware is a new variant of an earlier similar malware and that it is likely to be just the beginning of a new wave of crypto-mining malware targeting Mac users.

The malware is concealed from detection using a relatively complicated technique, according to JAMF, who also claimed that it was much better hidden than in the first two generations.

The initial generation employed an API to get the rights required to set up a Launch Daemon. This, however, required the user to confirm their password, which was quite obvious. The password barrier was dropped in the second iteration in favor of a Launch Agent, which would only activate when the user accessed the app. The malware significantly upped its game in the third generation.

Since cybercriminals try to utilize other people's computers' processing power to mine cryptocurrencies, crypto-mining software is becoming a greater menace to computer users throughout the world. In addition to slowing down or even crashing computers, the spyware can rack up expensive energy bills for the victim.

All Mac users have been advised by Apple to only download programs from reputable websites and to keep their antivirus software up to date.

The business emphasized that using authorized software and avoiding downloading pirated copies of the software, which are frequently packed with malware, are the best ways to guard against crypto mining viruses.

These latest warnings come from Apple as the company is ramping up its efforts to improve the security of its products. Last year, Apple introduced a new security feature called "Gatekeeper" that blocks unauthorized software from running on Mac computers, and the company has also increased its bug bounty program to encourage more researchers to report vulnerabilities in its software.

Despite these efforts, cybersecurity experts say that the threat of crypto mining malware is only going to increase as more people turn to cryptocurrency mining as a way to make money. They advise computer users to remain vigilant and to take steps to protect themselves against this growing threat.

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