Google Docs Goes Smarter: New Stopwatch, Calendar Template, and Smart Chips for Productivity

The Google Docs platform will soon get several new additions, such as a timer, a calendar template, and other Smart Chips. The modifications are intended to increase productivity and teamwork for users of the well-known document editing program.

Users will be able to track their time on a specific job within Google Documents using the new stopwatch functionality. For people who need to track their work hours for a project or bill clients for their time, this function is especially helpful.

On the other hand, the Calendar template will offer customers a pre-formatted calendar that can be altered and included immediately in their papers. Users will benefit from time savings while establishing calendars for appointments, events, and meetings thanks to this feature.

Google Documents will also include the Smart Chips feature, which was previously exclusive to Gmail. Users may quickly and easily reference data from other Google apps, such as Google Drive, Google Meet, and Google Calendar, within their documents by using smart chips.

For instance, the Smart Chip will automatically create a link to a file if a user types "@drive" and the file's name while referencing a file in Google Drive. Similarly, when a user wants to set up a meeting, they may type "@meet" and the name of the person they want to meet, and the Smart Chip will establish a link to set up the appointment immediately within Google Calendar.

Also, the company is enhancing its Explore tool, which suggests related articles to users based on the context of their documents. A wider range of information sources, including the internet and users' own Google Drive files, will now be suggested by the revised Explore function.

Google claims that these upgrades would increase productivity and teamwork among platform users. All users of Google Documents will progressively receive the new capabilities over the coming weeks. Users won't need to do anything to get the upgrades because they will be added to the platform automatically.

Google Docs is one of the most popular document editing software platforms, with millions of users worldwide. The platform is widely used by individuals, businesses, and organizations of all sizes for its ease of use, collaborative features, and integration with other Google apps.

With these new updates, Google Docs is poised to become an even more powerful tool for productivity and collaboration. Users can expect to see even more updates and improvements to the platform in the coming months, as Google continues to invest in its suite of productivity tools.

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