YouTube Wants To Help Users Add More Context To Their Shorts Clips Through A Location Tagging Feature

It’s no surprise that Shorts Clips on YouTube is one of the platform’s most profitable endeavors.

Therefore, it makes sense why the app is keen on helping its users add more context to such clips via a feature called location tagging. This would reportedly be included in a new upload flow across the platform, the company has confirmed.

For now, the work is in the trial phase so we’re not sure when it gets rolled out but we can see where this is all coming from.

The feature is called Location Field and it pops up during the whole upload process. And now, Shorts users can include a location in their clip with absolute ease and through the click of a simple button.

YouTube recently released a statement on the matter and says that location tagging is only found on the app’s metadata editor after a post is put up. This means that creators could retroactively make an edit to shorts seen on metadata by including the location to that. Now, it plans on including an experiment in this regard so creators of Shorts can include that when conducting an upload process across mobile devices.

While it may not appear at first, location data is an integral feature for contextual information being added to uploads and it better enables the app’s systems to highlight clips that are more relevant to them.

Let’s take leading social media giant TikTok for example. It really works hard to bring more local content in the form of clips and updates via the likes of location information. This ends up proving to be certainly a bigger type of engagement, especially when we are talking about those present in your local surrounding.

Hence, we’re seeing YouTube follow in similar footsteps to the application and as the platform notes, it’s quite possible to include location to the Shorts uploading process now. Definitely, more people are going to be using such a tag once it becomes more popular and readily available.

Firms that make use of Shorts may end up using the feature more now than ever to help bring their respective content more easily available to those in specific areas or regions. As we mentioned previously, it’s still being looked at as a test with a limited number of creators on the app. We hope to keep you updated when it’s launched for the masses and any progress along the way.

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