TikTok Silently Tests Podcast Tool That Allows Background Listening

TikTok may soon prove to be a competitor of Spotify as the leading social media app starts testing its Podcasts feature.

The new rollout would give users the chance to hear audio arising in the background. Moreover, you’ll see that this functionality would allow them to take part in other tasks seen across their phone while it’s being played back. On a usual basis, when you get away from the TikTok app, that video takes a sudden pause.

Insider claims this feature was first seen on one certain post made by leading content creator Emily Skvarch. This is when the application put forward an option to hear the video as both the podcast and thumbnail arose on one page that was called Podcasts.

Then we saw one banner message be put at the top of a screen that entailed, ‘audio would continue playing even after the app was switched in the background’.

While the content creator admits she didn’t get any notification until the Insider inquired about this. And felt it was quite interesting, to say the least.

For now, TikTok remains hushed on the news. Moreover, the app’s new efforts into the world of podcasts arise as other leading firms in the world of tech and media end up fighting it out to attain a stronghold in this world. Remember, today, podcast ads hit a staggering $2 billion as revealed in projected figures.

Meanwhile, another recent study sheds light on how so many people in America are seeing this podcast as one that encases more content that’s video related than audio. And the survey conducted on the population showed how more and more people prefer podcasts that had a video than those restricted solely to audio. And out of those, the majority preferred YouTube for this liking, followed by Spotify, and then Apple for their dose of podcast content.

The app’s popularity as a top podcast platform is forcing competitors to include video features that appease leading podcasters such as Joe Rogan, as explained by Insider.

In the past few years, we’ve seen the likes of Spotify invest big time in podcasts and they’ve even acquired plenty of firms along the way. This way, they’ve been busy with exclusive agreements as well as deals linked to development with top celebs being a part of the lineup.

Let’s not forget how Spotify has even gone ahead and taken inspiration from TikTok for its feed which is loved by the majority of social media users today.

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