YouTube Rolls Out New Features For Better Analytics And Display While Focusing More On Shorts

YouTube has gone about launching a series of new features that involve better analytics and display options. The company was also seen putting its Shorts content in the spotlight through such a launch.

This is the app’s first ever Creator Insider update for 2023 and it appears that it wants to showcase more data on the likes of subscriber growth, more recognition of subscribers, and also on providing thumbnail options for Shorts content.

For starters, the app is incorporating more elements into its Studio and that would be providing a better outlook on subscriber counts gained based on the type of content portrayed. This provides a more insightful approach to how a video is performing too.

YouTube says that it really wants its creators to be clear on their performance stats. This is why it’s working so hard to achieve just that through the likes of greater in-depth growth through a complete breakdown of analytics. It's designed to put data in focus. Which videos, video formats, and more are making contributions are going to be seen in detail now. And this would be further aligned with the likes of Shorts as the growth for such content on the app will be displayed too.

How well are Shorts doing on the platform? YouTube is searching for ways to expand its short-form clips and giving people more perspective on that is definitely the right direction to head toward.

The app mentioned how it wishes to better highlight how famous one content style or format is as such insights could assist in providing more insightful approaches on what to do next.

But that’s not all. The popular video app is also incorporating the likes of new displays on what forms of content are being shown across various types of formats such as the YouTube Studio mobile application.

As can be witnessed through such examples, this new format breaks down viewer history through the likes of regular videos, live streams, and even Shorts, which add more context about what viewers want to see.

It’s no surprise that the focus is again on Shorts as the company has mentioned in the recent past that this rollout is one of their main growth elements on the app and now, it hopes to get some more creators to add Shorts onto feeds that are in demand.

YouTube is also launching the chance to choose frames from Shorts and use that as their thumbnail during the start of the upload process.

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