YouTube Will Share Ad Revenue With Shorts Creators On February 1 As App Rolls Out New Terms

YouTube is all set to begin sharing its ad revenue with its creators making Shorts. The company mentioned how February 1 would be the date for this feature to kick in as new terms begin to be rolled out.

The new change means plenty of preparations and this comes in the form of making creators aware of the guidelines that must be followed by them via the app’s Partner Program. All the terms would need to be fulfilled by July 10 if creators wish to be a part of this new initiative.

The huge change to the app’s partner program would mean creators are going to be given the opportunity to earn revenue through ads that get viewed in between videos on the Shorts Feed. And this new model for revenue sharing would be replacing the app’s Shorts Fund.

YouTube hopes this new decision would give more and more of its Shorts creators the chance to earn more money, thanks to the new sharing model. As mentioned in the past, creators would be applying to this program in case they meet a specific threshold comprising 1000 subscribers and nearly 10 million views of Shorts over a span of three months.

As a part of the new clause creators would be required to accept a certain monetization module. The first of which has been dubbed ‘Watch Page Monetization Module’ and it enables creators to generate more revenue through ads that are served on long-form videos as well as YouTube Premium.

The second part is called Shorts Monetization which enables you to earn more funds through ads that arise between Shorts seen on the Shorts Feed as well as the app’s Premium version. Finally, the last module is dubbed Commerce Product Addendum and features things like Channel Memberships as well as Supers.

The app says it encourages more and more creators to accept such modules so they get the chance to unlock an array of features for unlimited learning through this platform. Moreover, creators that produce Shorts and have accepted the modules would be eligible to attain Shorts ads revenue and sharing of these Shorts views beginning early next month.

As far as how this new feature of sharing money through Shorts videos is concerned, it’s definitely not too simple, thanks to the likes of music licensing. Every month, you get the chance to attain revenue through ads and it starts to appear in between Shorts. This is added together and is used to set forward monetization of Shorts for creators while covering costs linked to music licensing.

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