Changes To Online Safety Bill Could Prosecute Social Media Bosses Who Fail To Protect Kids' Safety

There has been a lot of controversy and speculation regarding the Online Safety Bill of the UK.

For those who may not be aware, this feature is designed to crack down on a wide array of content that leaders feel is causing harm to young online users.

Now, we’re hearing more statements come forward thanks to the UK’s culture secretary. She confirmed how she wouldn’t be ruling out the possibility of making a change to the Online Safety Bill. Instead, she’d allow the regulators to prosecute bosses of these tech giants in case they fail to provide the added security measures needed for safety.

Speaking for an interview with the BBC recently, Michele Donelan explained how there was no harm in terms of making changes that so many people were making as there would only be one sensible approach being used to implement such ideas.

The comments come just one day as we witnessed Downing Street mention an array of measures that were similarly backed up by around 36 conservative MPs. It may end up leading to many executives getting jailed for nearly two years if they conduct breaches made to the law.

These MPs that sign such agreements entail the county’s ex-home secretary and the ex-secretary for work and pensions. In the same way, the Labor Party says it would be backing up such amendments too as that could build up pressure on the country’s prime minister to take a back seat.

Labor continuously gets called out for the likes of criminal liability of those that run such firms while a bill gets passed and many forces would join hands to lead the way.

Furthermore, this news means watchdogs like Ofcom would be provided with the right hand to openly prosecute those leading executives in charge of such apps that continually breach the law.

Another type of concession that’s being looked at carefully has to do with making some leading senior officials the ones in charge of online safety so that would provide reports to the National Crime Agency regarding child exploitation material.

The crackdown comes at a time when we saw the likes of Frances Haugen who is an ex-employee of Facebook mention how the company refused to carry for its users’ safety and instead, opted to put its own profits at the forefront over everything else.


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