MrBeast’s Mindblowing 2022 Challenges On YouTube Saw Him Give Away $3 Million In Cash

There is no surprise as to who is the award winner for the world’s most popular YouTuber.

Jimmy Donaldson who is better known as MrBeast put up a staggering 15 videos in the year 2022. And each one was full of intrigue and excitement. But alongside, they came with some fabulous giveaways. And by that, we mean nearly $3 million in cash.

Moreover, one participant was also seen getting the prize of a jet that cost nearly $2.5 million while another was rewarded with the likes of a private island too. Wow, how’s that for some insane and valuable prizes.

Today, this content creator has nearly 124 million subscribers on the app and he really does go all out in terms of putting huge budget videos alongside major cash rewards.

In November of last year, we saw him exceed the 111 million subscriber mark on the app and a few days later, he overtook another fellow content creator by the name of PewDiePie. In the end, he turned into the person with the most subscribers that YouTube has ever seen. And we can only wonder why.

Videos are very large in scale and they have massive prizes attached to them. And that’s why they’re going viral across the board. One of his biggest hits has to be Squid Game in Real Life which arose in November of 2021. Here is where we saw so many contestants compete for the staggering $456,000 reward on a video that was viewed more than 329 million times.

Then in the year 2022, the main channel put up posts nearly 15 times and the winning streak continued with a long list of challenges and some huge cash incentives.

You watch and participate, and you get rewarded. It’s as simple as that and we loved it. Moreover, one contestant even took part in an escape room to win $100k. In one of his first videos of last year, he made the world’s most dangerous escape room and that had people fascinated so much.

Hence, the participant that really trekked through rooms filled with spikes and snakes to win $100k. But that was just the beginning of his mighty challenges. We saw other huge challenges like tightrope walking through canyons and winning $240k for fans. And then more and more challenges followed soon after that too. Every challenge is unique and jaw-dropping and very different from the next.

One challenge had a man spending time in a basement alone for 22 days. This way, he would be able to purchase an engagement ring for his lover. Every day he survived, he received nearly 10k per day. And in total, he lived for 22 days.

On the other hand, there was another video that won hearts across the board. This was the famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one that saw him give away $613k. It’s undoubtedly one of the most viral and sought-after videos as 10 people were given the chance to win a whole factory that he made to host such a challenge. This would also allow for it to cash into the property for $500k.

The person who stood until the end of the series and passed all those candy challenges from eating chocolates to baking goodies was a YouTuber named Dallin Lambert and he got the mega cash prize. The runner-ups also got something special and no one went home disappointed, that’s for sure.

One other viral video was themed around the battle of the sexes where teams stayed in an enclosure for a few days. The women’s side won $500k, where both men's and women's teams remained in the enclosure for 100 hours. The winning team took home $500k and each member got $5k.

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