What’s Trending In The Tech And Societal World For 2023? Top Marketers Have Their Say

2023 is here and that means bidding farewell to old trends and saying hello to new ones.

Top marketers are having their say on what they feel 2023 is all about and which trends are going to make it big.

For starters, it’s AI that’s being hailed as the most important emerging tech trend for 2023 and how it has a leading impact on recession. This is going to be a pivotal societal trend as per the new research from WARC.

This new report has to do with data from a new survey that was conducted in the year 2022 and it was among 1700 leading marketers that were located in different places of the world.

The results proved that 42% claimed that artificial intelligence was surely the trend to look after this year. In the second place, we had live video streaming as an emerging tech trend. And as far as the third position is concerned, it was the metaverse by Facebook’s parent firm that really is being sought after. We’re sure Mark Zuckerberg would love to hear this!

Connected television and enhanced payment packages and technologies followed up and wrapped the top 5 leading positions. Meanwhile, marketers mentioned how they strongly believe in societal topics as well as leading concerns from consumers about what has a huge impact on marketing strategies for 2023.

The list included economic recession, data privacy, and even the environment. Moreover, we had 45% of people predict a major shift in investment balances that move toward performance marketing for the year 2023. On the other hand, another 31% were seen shifting investment balance toward the world of brand marketing.

Without a doubt, this report is a leading eye-opener for various reasons. It has to do with data taken from a survey that took place late last year.

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