New Study Proves Consumers Are Ready To Embrace The Metaverse But Have Concerns

A new report is shedding light on the metaverse and how much consumers are willing to welcome it with open arms.

According to the statistics highlighted in this study, 66% feel comfortable calling it out as an effective means of communication with the brand’s customer service. One of the major concerns was safety when you take another recent report into consideration from TELUS International.

Around 45% of the shoppers feel brands are ready to allow for content moderation in the platform to keep users safe. And about 67% claim that the failure of the platform to be a safe space would really cause an impact on the company’s reputation.

On the other hand, around 16% of individuals are talking about the metaverse providing the best customer service out there and they really hope it adds a new sense of personalized interactions with different brands involved.

Other than that, 53% of such interactions on the metaverse would be more engaging than that seen in person when dealing with brands on a more personal level. A mere 50% of people feel it would be more customized as per their likes and interests. At the same time, 47% of people claim that the metaverse would assist them in discovering new products that they weren’t aware of in the past.

In other words, a new finding did go on detailing this point where TELUS International pointed out how 86% of consumers were consulting online reviews, right before making a purchase. Out of this, Google is leading the pack at 60% versus other platforms such as YouTube which stood at 43%, and Facebook at 36%.

Of those people who were actually surveyed, 64% were linked to having personalized CX over a single one that took less time. And if they really did end up obtaining customer service in a single way for the end of their lifetime, around half of the people studied would use communication through the phone more than anything else.

It’s so important that brands begin to take notice of all this. Around 60% of Shoppers would prefer to sit inside a traffic jam than have to deal with matters related to poor customer service or experiences.

For this particular survey, we saw TELUS International embarking on an international poll comprising 5500 American consumers in four different surveys.

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