Chrome Is The Leading Browser With 48% Growth Even On iOS

Everyone has always deemed Safari an iPhone browser and Chrome an Android browser but how the tables have turned. Chrome has taken over iOS by storm.

This year’s market share of Chrome was the highest compared to Safari, Firefox, and Edge. This is because not only Android users are a fan, but iOS users have also discovered the magic in the simplicity of the browser.

A recent insight article evaluating the most popular browsers found that Apple users do not use Safari as much as they prefer using Google Chrome. We’re only focusing on Apple today as Android doesn’t support Apple’s browser but Apple does support Android’s browser.

Chrome was the most downloaded browser in 2022 with a growth rate of 48% among iOS users. It isn’t even a proper half but we’re astonished at how significantly it has grown.

Chrome’s download rate was 88M in 2022 alone while Apple’s default browser Safari had a download rate of only 9M. This is astonishing considering Safari is the primary browser. The third place was acquired by Firefox at a little under 7M.

The main reason behind Chrome’s significant growth when compared to 2021 is its simplicity. Apple is not at fault here nor does Safari has any flaws. It is only that iOS users have recently found out how simple and easy Chrome is. The user experience of Chrome is the reason behind its growth.

The only way for other browsers to gain a little recognition here would be to up their game a little. This can be done by investing more in marketing strategies since all browsers are perfect in their ways. With perfect marketing, there is a chance that browsers like Bing, Edge, and Safari might make it too.

We look forward to seeing other browsers rise and Chrome rise even higher!

H/T: Apfigures
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