Users Are Spending Less Time On Snapchat As App Faces Tough Competition From Reels And YouTube Shorts

In 2022, Snapchat remained a sought-after social media platform. But new statistics are giving rise to some interesting facts worth a mention.

The amount of in-app time that users are spending across this platform is declining as we speak. And while some people are taking it positively as that signals less time of their lives wasted on social media, it’s not quite what team Snap would ever wish to hear.

It’s Meta and Google that are cashing in on the loss as they’re offering tough competition as arch rivals for the firm. Both Reels and YouTube Shorts are making sure Snap stays at the tip of its toes and it all makes sense as to why this is happening.

Snapchat has been looked upon as a great tool for businesses too that wish to connect with audiences across the board in the most fun and engaging manner. But recent stats aren’t directly putting the company in the best light as experts tracking the matter have plenty to say.

In such a situation, numbers are speaking much louder than actual words. Users who planned to use the app for marketing purposes might not be so keen on doing so, as more and more users limit their time on the platform.

It’s all thanks to CNBC's Carl Quintanilla who went public with the news and showed which apps are looking to scale big in 2023.

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