New Study Says Email And SMS Witnessed Slow But Steady Growth In 2022

The Winterberry Group is shedding light on some interesting news including how email and SMS witness tepid growth in the previous year.

Stats recorded from last year proved that a 5.7% growth arose, which did end up falling short of CTV, digital videos, search, and the likes of digital out-of-home features. The respective figures noted for each of them in descending order include 46%, 17.5%, 16%, and 15%.

That’s a staggering total of $6 billion that was spent across emails when compared against the likes of a massive $98 million linked to search and around $60 million that had to do with paid social media.

The study also highlighted how growth fell across most channels between the years 2020 to 2023 where an average of nearly 6% was recorded. This was down the usual high linked to 21% while heading into the likes of 2021.

On the other hand, the total calculated for yearly advertising and associated marketing spending grew to a massive $480 billion which was almost a 10% rise but it did go down from the 21% growth recorded for the likes of 2021.

The study’s researchers have also mentioned how they’re forecasting a 6% growth arise in 2023 and that would take the grand total to $510 billion.

For this year, Winterberry predicts a 1.3% growth in the world of email and that would take it up to $6 billion. But with that said, it also highlighted how spending on the likes of data services, email platforms, and even data identity fell by almost 4% last year, reaching a total of $2.8 billion.

The spending in the world of digital media for such technology witnessed a 22% growth, racing $18 billion. But in the world of television, there was great growth where figures jumped by nearly 32% to reach the $5 billion target.

This study also set out forecasts regarding a 1.3% increase in the likes of data identity and platforms linked to email space. This reached the $3 billion figure for 2023.

The stakes are high in terms of emails as proven by this statistical report but how true such forecasts really turn out to be in the end, well, only time can tell. For now, we’ll just have to wait and watch the performances unfold in 2023.

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