71% of Netflix users with shared accounts will be willing to pay full price if access is denied

The video streaming giant Netflix has started taking action against account-sharing users. Those who were using the service through someone else’s account will no longer be able to do so unless they pay for a full subscription for their own account.

The biggest challenge the company was worried about was whether these users would be willing to pay for their own subscriptions or would move on to other such platforms. However, the latest report from Horowitz Research, a consumer insights agency, has finally eased the tension.

The report suggests that around 71 percent of the users will prefer paying for their own subscription if access is blocked instead of shifting to another platform. These results were based on the responses collected from sixteen hundred users who frequently use such video subscription applications and sites.

On the other hand, alternatives such as HBO Max, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime Video lagged far behind Netflix. For HBO Max, only fifty-one percent of the users will be paying the full amount, whereas for Amazon Prime, only forty-nine percent of the users will be willing to do this.

As it appears, the results are in favor of Netflix. The company had already planned new ways to hold on to their users by offering a paid subscription feature. The plan is that users will still be able to share their passwords with anyone outside the house; however, they will have to pay extra charges to avail this service.

Though the results are satisfactory, Netflix still believes that the clampdown will cause a loss of users. In order to prevent this, the company introduced an advertisement-supported subscription offer costing seven dollars a month instead of ten dollars.

Furthermore, the research company also stated that every 1 in 3 subscribers uses a shared account. The majority of the users are satisfied with the service and believe it is worth the money.

Adriana Waterston, chief revenue officer of the research firm, states that most of the users will stay with Netflix even after the clampdown. As per the progress report for the last three months of 2022, Netflix was successfully able to add more than seven million users to its list, leading to a total of two hundred and thirty million global subscribers.

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