Twitter Users Upset As App Enforces Long-Standing API Rules That’s Wreaking Havoc

It appears that the Twitter drama is a longstanding ordeal as more new reports are talking about a feature that’s causing a lot of people problems while using the app.

The company was recently bombarded with feedback from users and developers about how they were facing difficulties while using the platform. Now, Twitter seems to be providing a justification as to why that may be happening.

It claims to have enforced longstanding API rules that many became dumbfounded over. People started to bash the app as they felt such a feature was never talked about in the past and appeared to be non-existent.

What is even more interesting is how the company fails to go into detail as to which rules were actually broken. And now, it’s causing even more confusion for obvious reasons.

As it is, the app’s users were on a long ride for months as plenty of behind the scene changes were being introduced online such as personnel and features. Some were added and a lot more were removed

Plenty of people had sworn off the platform and opted that other options would be the best for them, but there are still those that call themselves brave and would love to see what’s next.

A part of the next features seems to have come forward just last week as it was witnessed breaking a lot of the app’s clients belonging to third parties. Both fans and firms were really confused as to what was going on and why. But despite holding in its silence for so long, Twitter is shedding light on this subject and tweeted how it’s starting to enforce long-standing API rules. This was their justification provided as to the failure of apps. And the feedback was not very pleasant.

The Twitter community says it’s so tired and angry as the company is failing to provide clarity on integral issues. And while the data appears to be the latest, The Information had even reported more about it a while back, adding how such behavior is actually intentional. But for now, it’s not certain how such an issue would be resolved as Twitter seems to have its lips sealed on the crisis.

For now, the issue is not affecting a lot of third-party clients at this moment in time. But you may always check out more and see what happens in the future which doesn’t appear too bright for this company after this news.

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