Twitter Puts Hundreds Of Items On Auction From Its Headquarters In San Francisco

Twitter has put up many items seen at its headquarters in San Francisco for an auction online.

This includes the app’s famous statue of the classic Twitter bird logo that’s currently priced at a staggering $28,500. And now, we’re hearing how there are just a little less than 24 hours to make a bid for it.

Other than that, say hello to a planter that is a staggering 190 centimeters in design and worth $4,300. This particular sale comes at a time when Elon Musk was seen slimming down on the company, right after its $44 billion purchase that arose last year.

Image: hgpauction
Ever since it took over during the latter part of October, Musk was seen getting rid of more than half of his workforce, and that’s around 7500 getting terminated on the spot.

In the same way, we saw him putting an end to so many perks that employees were enjoying like free-of-cost meals. This brings us to the likes of several appliances used in the kitchen at the company that is also up for auction. Think along the lines of espresso machines and fountains for fizzy drinks that come complete with ice dispensers.

We then saw the social media giant offloading several coffee tables by Herman Millier which go about retailing at nearly $2000 for a new piece.

But it appears that no item is too tiny to auction off as it’s even going about selling its printing equipment and tiny sets of drawers that bid for $60. You can find a few conference booths that are marketed as being soundproof and a line of designer sofas too.

In November, we had Musk mention how the firm was witnessing huge drops in revenue after a few leading advertising partners had opted to leave.

Musk has also issued warnings about how the company may soon end up being bankrupt. As it is, the firm isn’t able to pay out rent at global offices and that entails the likes of its headquarters in San Francisco. This is where the landlord continues to sue for things like no payments.

There is news about the person who is administering the auction as one being a rep for leading firm Heritage Global Partners. Nick Drove spoke to the press and highlighted during an interview with Fortune Magazine how this sale is not linked to the recouping of expenses for the mega $44 billion purchase.

He also boldly declared that if there was someone out there that really assumed that you’d get huge returns from selling off a few computers and chairs and would pay for the massive mountain of purchase, then they likely deserve to be hailed as a moron.

But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this behavior from Twitter is definitely bizarre, no matter what its actual incentives may be. What do you think about it?

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