Twitter’s App Revenue Witnessed Massive 1,829% Growth In 2022

A new year in the tech world means looking back at the past and how leading apps performed. And you might be shocked to learn that Twitter really did perform well, experiencing a staggering 1,829% growth.

As per this new App Intelligence report, the figures for revenue were not as great as what we witnessed in the likes of November of last year. Still, the growth was there and it was massive, reaching double digits.

The company’s net revenue gained through in-app purchases across both iOS and Android applications reached a staggering $1.9 million in the month of December of last year as per the estimated figure outlined. Remember, this is net and that means after the tech giants involved like Apple and Google took their respective fees or share.

Twitter began 2022 with a $244,000 figure for net revenue. But the company was able to earn $7.9 million in 2022 which is a good $409,000 increase from the figures calculated for the previous year. The fact that it only began collecting in October, it did not have a lot of time to earn and that is indeed a massive jump.

There is obviously another factor that must be considered here and that surrounds the company and its new CEO. The radical decision-making is not stopping and shareholders including advertisers are not too happy with the progress being made.

But despite this scenario, it does not appear there would be a demise soon. Plenty of apps owned by third parties are getting blocked and it might be a mistake but we’d have to see how many shakes end up being.

When you actually take a step back and analyze the whole situation, it’s evident that those platforms that used to work ad-free are now working with ads as a reliable way to take on some form of revenue generation mechanism that is reliable.

This would be a business model strategy that we’d see getting adopted in 2023 as earning through ads is an actual trend. So we will be seeing a lot more of that. So even apps that aren’t as popular would be joining the bandwagon and rolling out revenue models similar to this.

As a whole, it’s great news for everyone and especially for someone like Twitter’s chief Elon Musk, it’s the sort of direction he wouldn’t mind heading in.

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