Here's All You Need To Know About YouTube Channels With Most Subscribers in 2023

YouTube is probably one of the most popular social media apps out here, but do you know which channels on YouTube have the most subscribers? Well, you must be surprised to know that the most subscribed channel on YouTube is T-Series. It's an Indian Bollywood music channel with 235 million subscribers. You can find every type of Bollywood song on this channel and can vibe to it.

After the T-series, the popular kids' channel Cocomelon is the most subscribed on YouTube. Even the videos of Cocomelon have millions of views which are expected from its 152 million subscribers. Kids all over the world love Cocomelon and that's satisfying to see it with this many subscribers.

The third most subscribed channel on YouTube is SET India with 150 million subscribers. It's an Indian entertainment channel with many interesting videos. Just after this channel, MrBeast has 129 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. PewDiePie comes fifth in this list. As we know that in 2018, PewDiePie and T-series were fighting for the first spot on the list of YouTube's most subscribed channels. PewDiePie was making several diss tracks about the T-Series and was asking people to subscribe to his channel as much as possible. T-Series was also sharing many new videos to urge people to subscribe to its channel. The Indians were obviously with T-series while the fans of PewDiePie wanted to have the most subscribers. This race continued for days until T-Series became the most subscribed channel on YouTube. In 2020, CocoMelon became the second most subscribed YouTube channel because of parents distracting their children in the days of covid-19.

Take a look at below graphic for more insights:

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