Google's Handy Feature Enables Users To Lock Chrome Incognito Sessions

Tech giant Google is expanding its privacy feature that enables users to lock their sessions conducted via Chrome Incognito. This would enhance security behind the likes of biometric authentication.

In other words, you could prevent people from opening up your browsers and taking a glance at things you wished to view through private means. The news went public on Thursday via a recently published blog post by the firm.

This particular offering is up for grabs across numerous iOS Chrome versions for a while now but with time, it’s being more widely seen on Android. Meanwhile, the company announced how such tabs designated for Lock Incognito while using the Chrome offering do exactly what you’d expect it to do.

Via: Kishanu Karmakar
You get the chance to open up the tabs normally but after switching to another app, you would be asked again to unlock Chrome. This is upon return to attain hidden tabs that you were searching on.

Several ways through which it could be achieved include unlocking your device’s pin code or the likes of biometrics in the form of face or fingerprint detection. But you have to be mindful of the fact that people can still glance over all of your regular tabs without performing any form of an unlock.

To get this feature up and running, simply click on the three-dot menu that’s situated in the corner’s top right-hand side. Then, press on settings and click on privacy and security. This is where you can attain the chance to toggle ‘lock Incognito tabs’ after leaving the Chrome browser.

Search engine giant Google mentioned a little about plans to link to the expansion of its Safety Check offering. This has the potential to scan over saved passwords and allow you to know if something was compromised while eliminating any malicious extensions.

Google adds how it is really turning this into a Safety Check by adding customized recommendations and even reminders. This helps to notify the types of permission websites at stake.

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