Twitter Says There Is No Evidence That Its Users’ Data Is Being Sold By Hackers

It was only a few days back that we heard Twitter make headlines related to hackers selling the data of Twitter users. The figure was outlined to be between 200 million and 400 million.

The data comprised email IDs and phone numbers. But the app says there is no evidence that such a firm suffered any major breach. They have refuted the claims and say that an independent investigation was conducted and no proof showed that there was a vulnerability in the system of the app as mentioned in a recent blog post.

Twitter says it failed to find any correlation to the reports being made and it couldn’t even report new incidents taking place. Several databases were studied including those that the hackers claimed to find around 400 million instances of a data breach

They are very confident that no datasets had any passwords or details stored that would make us assume that users’ passwords were at risk of getting compromised.

The firm has also concluded that the hackers are most likely raging about a set of data that’s already seen across various sources and available for public viewing. They say there is nothing new over here and there’s also nothing to worry about.

The Twitter CEO mentioned there was nothing to worry about and the fact that so much fear was being generated was of no use. To some, the breach seems legit but Twitter says no. It’s quite interesting how the app published reports just one day after the hacker group mentioned that a mega security breach had taken place.

One security firm known as Hudson Rock says the data breach seemed very legit because the database is very real and has an impact on each user of the platform.

Despite one investigation taking place by the app, this sort of data being in constant circulation means it’s a huge threat to the general public as it entails so many real email IDs and telephone numbers. In the end, it targets those people who are least suspecting it, thanks to the likes of scams and phishing emails.

Cybercriminals may end up using this form of data to breach people’s accounts online. So the best way to protect yourself is to enable the security protective feature called two-factor authentication on an account. So it’s always great to be on guard and protect people from various types of phishing attempts.

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