Elon Musk Warned By German Officials About Twitter Going Against The Digital Service Act

Twitter is being accused of going against the EU’s Digital Service Act.

The news comes after German officials met with billionaire Elon Musk during an abruptly held meeting that was chaired by the country’s digital director. The agenda in focus was linked to the nation’s expectations regarding disinformation on the app.

This meeting was organized in San Francisco and had the likes of the country’s Digital and Transport Minister taking part by meeting Musk, right before he jetted off to Las Vegas for another important gathering. During this meeting, Musk was given the perspective of how Germany was not happy with the Twitter platform and the way it was behaving generally in this part of the European world.

Twitter goes against the likes of the DSA that had been approved into legislation by the EU last year. Moreover, we saw the likes of the EU introduce the law to protect kids and tackle misogyny while curbing disinformation among a few other things.

After first being passed, the European Union mentioned to its member states how Twitter isn’t ready to make any major changes that would be completely enforced on leading apps by the end of the summer.

The EU commissioner that oversaw the likes of this law explained to Elon Musk last April that the platform really had its work cut out for it and it really did need to comply with the DSA on Twitter. And eventually, Musk did end up purchasing the app for a good $44 billion last October as per the Guardian.

The DSA is a groundbreaking kind of legislation that sets a mega-global standard in terms of content regulation while protecting users from different kinds of online harm.

This particular meeting comes at a time when Elon Musk started to restore plenty of accounts belonging to thousands of users on the platform that received a suspension notice for breaking the app’s own policies.

This similarly entailed the likes of those banned from spreading false facts, making comments that were offensive, and even spreading racist views. But then a few months back, Twitter went public on how it wouldn’t be forcing its policy linked to COVID-19 and its related misinformation. This was reportedly put into place during the pandemic’s early part.

Meanwhile, one spokesperson by the German ministry claimed through an email that the government is busy monitoring various changes being made to the Twitter app after Elon Musk’s takeover.

Germany is reported to have made it very clear to Twitter’s new CEO how the country expects the current voluntary commitments against fighting disinformation to remain in place as per the rules of regulations of the DSA, which need to be followed now and in the future too.

The report published by Gizmodo has really opened many people’s eyes to the matter. Hence, when Twitter was requested to comment on the matter, they failed to provide any immediate answer.

It’s no surprise as both Germany and the EU member states have really paved the way for a clear set of rules that take action against the likes of illegal content.

H/T: Gizmodo

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