TikTok Rolls Out Video-Scrubbing Thumbnails So Users Can Find Specific Parts Of Long Videos

TikTok is on a new mission that’s linked to beefing up its video features. The leading social media platform has recently carried out a quiet launch of video scrubbing thumbnails on its platform.

See the whole idea is to make such features available to the masses and add ease to their long searches. In this case, the feature is designed to find a particular part of a long video, instead of watching the whole thing. The news comes to us thanks to avid social media enthusiast Matt Navarra.

The feature is rolling out at the start of this week and it might not be up for grabs for too many individuals out there today. But one thing is for sure, what we can confirm is how it’s up for grabs for those having newer uploads as nothing was witnessed for the older content yet.

For a while now, so many users have had the option to either rewind or fast-forward videos of longer duration on the TikTok app for a while now. This process of adding such thumbnails just adds an intuitive measure and we are sure users would love it.

For instance, you end up following one recipe video on the TikTok app and wish to attain a certain part of that video. Now, in the past, you would blindly scrub through such videos. Now, you end up witnessing where exactly you’d like to fast forward and witness the latest thumbnails.

It was only a matter of time before we saw the platform include this feature. It’s been slowly but surely creeping into the territory of the leading video platform YouTube. The latter has had this feature forever and now, TikTok copying it is certainly interesting.

Nevertheless, the news makes sense as to why it’s being done and we feel this viable option is going to be successful for creators who adore making long-form content and love to post content through this app.

We saw the app roll out this feature for users so they could install videos that were nearly 10 minutes in duration. Now, it’s working hard to enhance the overall viewing experience set out for users. In the past month, TikTok started to test a brand new full-screen mode in horizontal view by launching a trial for specific users located globally.

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