Tech Giants Have All Eyes On Meta’s Earnings Report For A Hint At How Online Ads Are Performing

It was the worst year for Wall Street since 2008 and that showcased the mighty negative effect it had on tech giants that place heavy emphasis on digital advertising.

Meanwhile, we had Facebook’s parent firm Meta trying hard to build up its repertoire despite losing nearly two-thirds of the company’s value in the year 2022. Here is where YoY revenue dropped during consecutive quarters. That is what respectively led to the company in November cutting out 13% of its own workforce.

Then we saw the likes of Snap’s own shares witness a dramatic 81% drop where the company’s growth fell into the likes of single digits. Moreover, we also witnessed the organization opt not to disclose publicly some forecasts for nearly two different straight periods.

In August of last year, Snap mentioned plans to fire 20% of its workforce and that was after a brutal approach in 2022 taken on by the firm. But despite this, we’re seeing plenty of investors going back to the likes of the online advertising industry before witnessing rebounds through financial performances that are expected to take place sometime in 2023.

It hopes to get some sort of a sign in terms of recovery during this week as so many tech giants in this space are reporting Q4 results. This includes updates on which brands are beginning to spend more money on advertising despite witnessing a period of pause in their respective campaigns for some time.

We’re expecting the likes of Snap to schedule out results after the trading closure event while Meta is going ahead with the same sort of action plan for Wednesday, right after Google’s parent firm Alphabet strikes on Thursday.

Similarly, Thursday will be the day when investors from both Apple and Amazon would be unveiling their respective prospects. Remember, both tech giants have some massive digital ad businesses that are taking a major share of the market away from Google and Facebook who were dominating for quite some time now.
And then there are threats linked to some sort of recession still occurring at the large where analysts in today’s market are forecasting more turmoil in terms of the online ad sector. Meanwhile, there’s a survey comprising about 50 advertising buyers that were published recently showed how a lot of the firms out there are expecting to see spending rise this year by 3%.

This figure is very small considering experts claim it’s one of the smallest advertising growth to occur in the past five years. In the past year, those firms ended up increasing spending by more than 7% so this is major.

About two-thirds of advertising, buyers considered the likes of recession when determining final budgets. They claimed inflation had been a major deciding factor and one that softened consumers among other leading factors.

In other news, other than the major challenges lying ahead for tech giants, some firms claim they’re still having to deal with the consequences set out by leading iPhone maker Apple’s ATT policy. That really resulted in a massive shakeup of the industry and saw targeting capabilities get reduced by a major amount.

These are those firms that rely on mobile data for the respective ad targeting of their market. And with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, tech giants like Meta said they really struggled and would have their revenue reduced by a staggering $10 billion in 2022.

But it’s not only bad news as both Meta and Snap did report a 22% rise as the month comes to an end but the figures of revenue growth won’t be picking up back until the likes of the latter part of 2023.

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