More Trouble For TikTok As Company’s CEO All Set To Testify Before Congress Regarding Its Security Practices

The woes and worries of TikTok continue to mount as we speak. And now, the leading social media platform’s CEO is all set to testify before Congress in March.

The latest reports spoke about how Shou Zi Chew will have to justify the role of the firm in combating the many security and privacy concerns of Americans. They also would want to know how far the organization has come in terms of enhancing its protective measures to address the likes of the committee’s concerns.

Common issues that have been spoken about include how the app is bettering its impact on children and what sort of a relationship it currently holds with China’s Communist Party.

This latest news comes at a time when the Republicans have attained the majority of the vote seen in the House and therefore were not shy to speak about how the number of users on the platform across America continued to grow during this period.

In the same way, we’ve got news on how America’s House of Foreign Affairs plans to release a new bill that bans the platform in America regarding security concerns through which voting would occur by next month.

While the company’s spokespersons are making separate appearances in various committees of Congress, this will be the first time that the CEO makes his way there for a testimony.

Big tech giants are becoming a major destruction in America, the committee has mentioned and that is why those at the forefront are being questioned about their practices and what steps they’re taking to better their actions and keep American citizens safe while they spend time on platforms.

There is a lot of concern about TikTok for quite some time now. The fact that they enable Chinese officials to track American users’ data and even the fact that these officials have access to such data has been deemed to be a huge concern for obvious reasons.

A lot of Americans are waiting for answers on whether or not this is true and if yes, why or how was it being allowed to occur for so long without anyone stopping them. The concerns are clear and lawmakers are voicing them for quite some time now. So the Senate is waiting for answers and hopes to hold those guilty of such behavior accountable by bringing the app to the forefront of committees that take care of such behavior. They also feel it’s high time users found out the truth and got honest answers from the company’s head himself.

While speaking to The Verge, a spokesperson for the ByteDance-owned firm sent out a confirmation about a hearing that would take place. He went on to add how such chances would set records straight regarding TikTok and ByteDance while highlighting the various commitments being made regarding national security.

By sharing such details and full plans with the respective Committee, the Congress would be allowed to take more purposeful approaches to combat all the issues arising at this moment in time.

In the same way, the spokesperson added how neither ByteDance nor TikTok was under the direct or indirect influence of China’s Communist Party. He even stated how control of foreign parties over apps like TikTok in a country like the US was genuinely impossible.

Data sharing of the kind that TikTok is being accused of is getting harsh criticism but the firm adds how it’s just not possible for any form of foreign influence to have that much power in the US.

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