Projects Involving Virtual People Are At An All-Time High And Only Cost $14k A Year

Be it customer service or the entertainment industry, so many firms in China are putting aside big bucks for all virtual employees.

The news comes thanks to the likes of tech firm Baidu who mentioned that the number of projects entailing virtual people has doubled since the start of 2021. There’s a wide price range and it goes for as little as $2,800 and can even reach a staggering $14k a year.

Virtual individuals are a great combo of animation, sound technology, and even machine learning. They create a digital human being that has the capability to sing and interact through the likes of Livestream as well. Yes, it’s awfully popular in places like the US but even in places like China, people are loving the idea.

People in Chinese cyberspace entail buyers who are ready to purchase virtual people and that includes the likes of financial services and even some local boards for tourism and the state media as well.

Buyers interested in such projects include the likes of financial services, local boards of tourism, and even state media.

As technology gets more and more enhanced with each passing time, the costs tend to drop by nearly 80% in the past year. It is around 100,000 yuan annually for a 3D virtual individual and around 20k for 2D one.

Li says the virtual person industry will continue to grow by around 50% each year until 2025. And it’s nations like China who are really working hard on the development of such great technology.

In August, we saw Beijing set out an announcement to create municipal virtual individuals industry into something that’s more valuable and arises at a staggering cost of 50 billion yuan.

Just this past fall, we saw the central government ministries release detailed plans for adding more VR projects including the likes of broadcasting, production, and a few more. The firm’s plan from the past 5 years showed how there was a need for digitalization in today’s economy such as virtual and even AR technology.

When we look at things from a more business-minded perspective, we can see how a lot of the focus has to do with virtual people producing more and more content.

So many businesses are searching for alternative people after plenty of celebs ran negative press about things such as tax evasion and other personal scandals.

36% of buyers claim to have seen virtual influencers perform in the past year as per a recent survey that was published this fall. 21% of them ended up watching virtual people host events and even broadcast things like the news.

China has even started producing products related to the virtual people industry. And when we look ahead at the year 2023, 45% of advertisers out there claim to sponsor an entire brand’s event as per a recent report by Kanter. So as you can see, the reliance is heavy and it’s about to get bigger in the upcoming future.

Photo: Future Publishing | Getty Images. H/T: CNBC

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