Can Smartphones Affect Your Married Life? This New Study Reveals The Answer Most People Gave

The introduction of smartphones in today’s era is definitely seen to be a double-edged sword for obvious reasons.

There has been plenty of discussions regarding this ordeal, including how beneficial and harmful these pocket-sized devices have turned out to be. But do they have the tendency to affect your married life or not?

A new study conducted on the Indian population has gone on to reveal how 88% percent of respondents felt it does affect their married life. Moreover, they fear the negative impacts they come with and the consequences that could affect their future. Did we mention how many are fearful of the way they can harm future generations too?

It’s definitely a worrying affair and couples are putting forward their opinions via the study. Yes, they link you to all sorts of people around the globe. Then you’ve got issues related to them being the root cause for breakups, especially divorces among married individuals.

This survey was carried out by the CMR and Vivo who found 88% of people agreed these devices and their excessive use may harm relationships. Around 1000 citizens with smartphones were studied from the country’s leading cities to get an equal distribution.

Most participants were asked to examine matters like changes in both behavioral as well as mental changes that usually arise in relationships due to excessive use of smartphones.

Additionally, we saw how 67% of such married couples usually end up using the device while spending time with each other. And then 66% agreed how their marriage ended up suffering due to this action of their spouses who excessively used the device without any limits.

Via Twitter / Vivo

Similarly, couples who were married agreed that they paid their partners less attention due to cellphone usage when their better half was seen speaking or starting a conversation of some kind.

A lot of people became upset when a spouse interrupted them while they happened to be using this device.

Some positivity was also present in the study, thank God for that!

Spouses claim they would much rather prefer to spend time with their partners than stay glued to the screens of their phones. It just ended up making them feel so calm after it all.

And then there were around 90% of people who claim they would much rather put time into things that were super meaningful like chats instead of a phone’s screen.

This is a clear demonstration of how so many people are clearly aware of how their relationships are getting affected and perhaps even replaced thanks to this modern-day invention of the tech world.

As commented upon the subject by a leading brand strategy head who works at Vivo, she says that it’s quite obvious what cell phones are doing and how damaging they are generally for our relationships of today, be they married or not married. They are taking away leisure time and it’s totally up to users to see what’s taking place before it’s too late.

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