New Stats Reveal How Misinformation On Climate Change Is Flourishing On Twitter

A new study is shedding light on some interesting findings regarding Twitter under the leadership of Elon Musk.

According to recently unveiled stats from this new study, misinformation regarding the climate crisis continues to flourish as we speak on the platform. This news comes from a study that was published by the CAAD on Thursday.

They went on to mention how Twitter was recommending a particular hashtag called #ClimateScam whenever a user is busy searching for the likes of the term climate. Moreover, during the time of publication of the report, the company also was sending out recommendations regarding the hashtag that unveiled some interesting facts belonging to a few Insider workers as the leading search result for terms like Climate.

After that, the authors of this publication were seen making a reference to this hashtag and mentioned how in the year 2022, there was denialist content that made a huge comeback across the platform in general.

This hashtag was seen spiking up across the platform in July. It was seen heading in an upward direction ever since and continues until now. By December, nearly 91,000 users were seen speaking about this hashtag around 362,000 times.

This particular report mentioned how such words popped up as a trending term despite data showcasing more activity as well as engagement on more hashtags like ‘Climate Crisis’ and ‘Climate Emergency’. Meanwhile, we saw researchers adding how such prominence could not be explained too well through the likes of personalization, popularity status, or even content volume.

The particular source for climate scam hashtags was not too clear and that went about highlighting the requirements linked to transparency and how content would be surfaced for users according to this study.

The report similarly sheds light on how only some content under a particular hashtag was properly labeled with the term misinformation as per this report.

Truth be told, it’s not a huge shock to many. Yes, the reports are quite alarming but at the same time, Musk has reduced the platform’s team for content moderation ever since he purchased the platform in October of 2022.

In a similar manner, he was seen butting heads with the platform’s content moderation decisions that arose in the past. This includes the likes of suspending accounts linked to former US president Donald Trump after the Capitol Riots in Washington DC.

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