Instagram Is Keen On Striking A Balance After Showing Its Users Too Many Videos In 2022

A new year means a new beginning and that’s why Instagram is looking forward to some great changes in 2023.

Adam Mosseri mentioned in a recent post how the platform was guilty of showcasing one video too many to its users. And since this platform is one that’s known for images, it’s definitely time to rethink plans.

Instagram’s head says videos and Reels were trending on the app and that allowed images to take a backseat and suffer in silence. Mosseri stated some interesting comments while taking part in a recent Q&A session with the app’s users today.

This is where he admitted to the mistake and how there was an overfocus on videos last year and that caused the rankings to be pushed too far. Now, the company is working hard toward striking the right balance between the two.

Recent stats have gone on to showcase how frequently a user likes an image versus how frequently they like videos. Similarly, how many comments were placed on images versus videos had been tallied. And they were found to be equal which means there are chances to strike the right balance as confirmed by internal metrics.

Since there is more video content seen across this platform with time, this would show how much there is respectively much more engagement on the platform too. As the head confirmed, Instagram has always been about images and it would like to stay that way for a while too.

The question that Mosseri seemed to be answering had to do with photographers losing their faith in the Instagram app as they felt it just wasn’t the right medium for showcasing talent.

This sort of sentiment has continued to linger on with time since the app began experimenting with a platform redesign that was very much like that of TikTok. This meant saying hello to full-screen-like video experiences.

As one can imagine, this particular trial did not go as planned, and that caused the app to get rid of a huge overhaul. But the mega video push that arose during the summer time last year saw the app combining all video content on the platform and turning them into Reels.

As Mosseri finally confirmed in public, the algorithms were definitely giving images less significance on both the Explore page as well as the Feed. He even went on to admit that a bit of the pushback was due to his own efforts so that’s interesting. As per the Instagram head’s words, the company is no longer one that just shares square photos.

There was even some sort of a controversy where words like photographers weren’t taking images that were good enough but he clarified and stated that other offerings from the app like Stories and Reels were definitely becoming more and more popular.

As photographers are quite upset due to the app leaning more toward video, Mosseri says the company definitely values images in its own context. They will always be an integral part of this app.

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