Twitter Has Lost 80% Of Its Workforce Since Elon Musk Took Over And Today's Active Headcount Stands At 1,300 Employees

Social media giant Twitter has been making headlines since Elon Musk took over and now, we’re hearing some very interesting stats regarding the firm’s current employee count.

According to a recently held analysis, at least 80% of the workforce is gone and the current headcount stands at just 1300 active workers.

Yikes, then we’ve got other shocking figures where the current number of engineers is just 550 and they’re working on a full-time basis. This means the people who are working in this position would be spread thin. We’re likely to see more issues now than before and that could lead to a limited number of new features getting launched.

Out of the 1300 workers, about 75 are on a leave and that entails nearly 40 engineers. Moreover, the firm’s trust and safety team are responsible for designing policy recommendations and product changes add how the overall aim is to make users feel as safe as possible is currently standing at just 40 engineers.

Right now, so many internal records proved that there are 1400 workers that aren’t working at the moment but are still getting paychecks. They’re not required to resume any old duties. A lot of the staff did resign when Musk released a pledge that asked them to carry on hardcore work at the firm and go about fulfilling the likes of long hours.

Early on Saturday, Musk mentioned how there happen to be just 2,300 workers who are working on the platform. Meanwhile, there are hundreds more that are working in the same manner but have several thousand contractors by their side.

Musk’s leadership did see some highs and lows and one of them is the headcount fluctuating via huge layoffs. Several firings that did ensue included the likes of a policy where you would no longer be working from home. This was set in place when Jack Dorsey was the CEO of the firm but the billionaire did not hesitate one bit in ridding this clause.

Right before Musk did set out a mega $44 billion buyout of the tech firm last year, we saw its headcount stand at just 7500 employees. But another interesting point worth a mention here is how layoffs would carry on, whether or not Musk entered into the app’s picture or not.

Musk ended up cutting the app’s personnel a little more than the usual expectations and that’s why he made headlines. The news was confirmed by the likes of internal records and when two recently appointed employees entered the picture.

As per one engineer who left the firm, the loss of the workforce and its reduced worker count would make things harder to maintain the service in a reliable manner while it still worked to build new features.

One person that remains anonymous says that the firm’s code base is huge and that needs more knowledge from other apps and respective programming languages so it’s a part of various parts of the app.

In addition to this news, another very interesting piece of news has to do with the billionaire authorizing 130 people from other firms like Tesla to work at Twitter.

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