More Challenges For TikTok As App Scrutinized For Its Failing Creator Monetization Program

The competition in the world of social media cannot be denied. There are apps that are working round the clock to come out on top and creator monetization is just one way.

But things may not be the brightest for the TikTok app as it continues to face so many challenges across the board. The recent launch of the Pulse program really struggled to reach meteoric growth.

Stars were promised that they would be rewarded for all of their hard work and efforts on the platform but that was not the case.

Then we heard about plenty of controversies linked to political parties and lawmakers having their say about security breaches and data tracking. And despite the ByteDance-owned firm pleading its case with evidence that it was never involved in such behavior, it started getting banned on devices owned by top US officials due to this fear.

Then there are speculations about a complete ban in the US market and that might not be a good direction to head towards.

As it is, monetization for the likes of Short Form video content is never easy and comes with its own share of challenges. Remember, you simply can’t attain revenue by having in-stream ads run on the app. The latter would be the case when you’ve got videos of longer duration. But here, you’ve got very little content to deal with altogether.

There are unique hurdles as you cannot monetize directly and that leaves the app in a very tricky spot. Top creators know that they could very easily leave the platform and head on over to arch-rivals like YouTube or perhaps Meta’s Instagram. This is where they can find more ways to attain revenue directly.

The app has really been trying hard to come up with the likes of bigger and better solutions to combat this ordeal. This is the reason why they made an attempt through the launch of the Pulse advertising initiative. This allows advertisers to put ads along with content created through the likes of top creators on the platform.

Such creators and even publishers have more than 100,000 followers that apply to gain a share of the revenue made through this means. This may have appeared to be a great pathway to get the share but now after seeing the results, we don’t think so.

So many interviews conducted by leading media outlet Fortune showed how a number of influencers on the TikTok app that had mega fan followings just were left so confused. They were enrolled in this program but weren’t getting any earnings that exceeded $5.

Yes shocking as that value sounds, it’s the reality of the matter. And now, people feel that perhaps enrolling as a whole was never a good idea, to begin with. Moreover, the news is arriving at a time when you’ve got the likes of YouTube really advancing on this front.

YouTube is launching its own Shorts initiative and that means creators would be rewarded for making shorter content on the app. It’s designed to go live next month and that is really not the type of news TikTok may wish to hear.

The app is really struggling on so many fronts and monetization is surely one of those. This enables creators to get a share of the whole revenue generated through such ads as insights arrive during a time that’s much less than ideal for the platform.

On an average basis, YouTube pays creators around $10 billion a year and that continues to rise. So while you might think the Shorts program for monetization is new, it might prove to be something huge in the near future for the app.

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