Apple Boosts Its iOS Security Through The Release Of A New 16.3 Software Update

Apple is starting off 2023 right and by that, we mean enhanced security features for its users.

The leading iPhone maker boosted iOS security through the launch of a new software update to its 16.3. This is reportedly the first time that iOS users could make use of physical security keys to carry out the 2FA via their Apple user ID.

The measure was first mentioned by the Cupertino firm in 2022 and now, we’re seeing it come into play today. Many are seeing this as an excellent extra protection layer for all users having trouble with the countless number of threats coming their way on a usual basis. This entails the likes of celebs, employees, in the public sector, and even journalists.

Such support will reportedly assist in warding off threats linked to phishing scams that are disguised to trick users into allowing intruders to get access via 2-factor authentication. Moreover, such devices as the YubiKey delineates how those having access to such keys may end up in your account.

Apple announced that although most security keys enter into the device’s lightning port, the majority of them utilize USB. But in most cases, both the likes of NFC and Bluetooth keys do work well using this device. Hence, you do end up plugging USBs into the Apple Lightening that’s connected to the phone’s USB 3 camera adapter.

This new update would also be looking at the likes of controls designed for Emergency SOS situations. In such a way, users would be able to call up any emergency service by simply pressing down on the buttons for volume control and power. For now, it will not be calling up 911 until and unless the user releases it. For those wondering why? Well, it gives users the chance to cancel emergency service calls before any relevant authority receives the notification.

On the other hand, this new update will also be altering any reported bugs such as strokes that don’t appear across shared boards seen on the Freeform application. Other issues like horizontally placed lines on the iPhone 14 Pro Max witnessed after waking and even bugs linked to home screen lock widgets not displaying the Home app status would be included. Lastly, there’s more support being included for the likes of the 2nd Gen HomePod.

If you happen to have any device that’s compatible, be sure to update your phone by entering the settings tab today.

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