Meta Adds Ease To Its Multiple App Users’ Lives By Shifting Certain Settings Into Its Accounts Center

Meta is home to WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. These are all leading platforms that most of us make use of today.

Hence, the tech giant recently mentioned how it plans on shifting an array of settings into the company’s Accounts Center for ease of its users. The Accounts Center can be found through the app’s settings menu on all of its respective apps and they entail the likes of Ad Preferences, personal details, and some passwords too.

The company was recently sharing a sample that stated how more and more people could make ad topic preferences that remained consistent across the platforms’ accounts. This is done by including such accounts in its similar Accounts Center.

In the same way, the firm was seen sending out details to a few of its controls in ad settings.

The tech giant similarly mentioned how it hopes to include activity information and information about user activity from its partners’ control. In the same manner, it made some huge improvements to the likes of its ad control settings.

The whole idea behind the ordeal is to make more and more people understand the work that goes into determining which ads are visible and which are not. Meta really wants its users to understand that it has zero issues linked to transparency when they see ads depicted by the firm on various other platforms and web pages.

Facebook’s parent firm says it is on a mission to explore better ways through which it can make more ads visible and linked to things that interest them. Similarly, it shows how certain topics are kept far away from them because they don’t interest them.

The company mentioned in a recent blog post how including more than a single user’s account in the Accounts Center is very optional. Hence, if they wish to keep their accounts across different account centers, they can. In case someone chooses to do so, they continually have access to some same settings. And these can be applied to individual accounts too.

The firm altered a few of its terminologies that it makes use of for the sake of advertisement metrics while altering people on the Accounts Center. This is reflected through tools linked to ad measurements like the Help Center and even the Ads Reporting, and Ads Manager.

But the company did send out one reminder that its methodology to make some calculations is not altering with time. The figures are just like those seen in the past but now, the only change would be in the name.

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