TikTok Under Heavy Regulatory Pressure As EU Warns The App It Needs To Adhere To Laws

There is an incredible amount of regulatory pressure on the leading social media app TikTok as the EU issued a grave warning today.

The company is being closely scrutinized and asked to take a look at the EU rules and regulations as it’s not aligning with them. Certainly, the news is not great for TikTok as there is already a great amount of pressure on the platform from US lawmakers that are keeping a close check.

As seen in this new tweet, the Internal Market Commissioner was quick to mention how he held a meeting with the TikTok CEO during the morning hours to see what the platform’s obligations are in this particular region. There was a due emphasis on the likes of keeping younger audiences protected.

TikTok was given a warning about coming under scrutiny by the EU in terms of the Digital Services Act that rolls out in September of this year. There is a list of new provisions and that’s very specific for the younger lot in terms of content and data usage.

In the same way, the app was given a reality check that if the DSA was already in place, it would be in clear violation of the rules, based on its current standing.

There’s some major concern about the app allowing so many younger users to get access to the likes of dangerous content online that arrives within seconds on the platform with the simple click of a button.

But if such a situation does stand, the app would end up facing a huge ban across the European Union and add an incredible amount of pressure for updates and evolving various processes in line with today’s region specifications.

The TikTok app is facing a potential ban across the US as many government officials were restricted from making use of it and from conducting an update. There are some allegations that mentioned how it has some links with Chinese officials in the government.

TikTok says they are not backing down without any fight. They hope to defend themselves and added that they’re on a mission to remain committed to following the GDPR and DSA. This is a huge threat to the platform’s success as more restrictions and bans limit the target audience and would also affect influences or links from the outside.

There is a lot at stake and it also depends on Chinese relations with other nations that need to be constant to prevent further worsening of ties and associated effects on businesses.

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