Instagram Launches Its Text Update Notes Offering In Europe And Japan

Instagram is working toward a launch of its much talked about text update ‘Notes’ feature in places like Europe and Japan.

The company’s head has spoken about how the leading social network would be eyeing the rollout in these destinations very soon.

For those who may not be aware, this is another name given to shorter-length posts that comprise 60 characters. They entail both text and emojis that appear right at the top of profile pictures.

But right before news of this expansion broke out, we saw the Notes feature being used everywhere else where Instagram could be accessed. Remember, the launch of this feature first arose in December of last year.

Through this Notes feature, users are given the chance to move right toward the top of the inbox and select followers that they happen to follow or others present in the closed friends' section of their lists.

After that, users are given the chance to type the note itself after which it pops up at the top of their friends’ inboxes that last for a good day. And if any one of their followers wishes to respond to the note, it would pop up as a message in the user’s DM.

Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri explained more about the feature through a recently published video where he shows how countries in Europe and even places like Japan were excluded from the start of the rollout of the Notes feature.

The reason had to do with the likes of the app needing to make sure that such a feature was aligned with the regulations in those particular destinations. And only then could they expect it to get launched in such regions.

The app mentioned how it would be required to take a few days for such rollouts to occur and reach different users in both of these regions.

Meanwhile, during the start of the actual launch for such Notes, Instagram conducted a few tests to see how people were liking the new rollout. And according to them, the overall response was positive. They were appreciating it as a great way to begin conversations and keep things lightweight and not too serious.

Similarly, the tech giant mentioned how the general goal of such an offering is to provide laidback and spontaneous means for users to express themselves and even connect with one another.

Remember, in December of last year, a report by The New York Times shed light on how Meta was thinking about shifting its Instagram Notes into something that was more full-fledged.

This would seemingly serve as better competition for the likes of archrivals like Twitter. In this way, the company would be able to capitalize on Twitter’s current chaotic situation which has arisen ever since Elon Musk took charge.

Moreover, such reports mentioned how the firm is busy considering if its Notes should be given the chance to stand alone as an app or if being a part of Instagram’s feed was enough.

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