Google Adds Exciting New Package Tracking Feature In Gmail So Users Can Track Deliveries

It was only a few weeks ago that we witnessed the likes of Cyber Monday deals and other great bargain offers from Black Friday sales take over the web.

And with the very busy and exciting festive shopping season coming to an end, one thing is for sure. People love to shop online and can’t wait for their goods to be delivered too. But what if we told you that Android maker Google is eyeing another feature for its Gmail that is designed to make package tracking easier?

Yes, the leading search giant has added a new option to users’ Gmail that once enabled, allows package deliveries to be tracked with ease.

This provides greater insight into where your current package stands and how much waiting time can be expected before the final delivery in a single glance.

We do feel that the timing of such a feature is a little off. After all, it would have been great to avail something of this sort when purchasing was high during the holidays but again, we bet users are not complaining.

Right now, the feature is running live across the Gmail App for Android devices. But before you can really get access to it, be sure to manually activate it. Moreover, the same seems to be the case for iOS where users can simply make their way to the Data Privacy section and get the Smart feature activated so that tracking of packages is on.

If you’re not too familiar with such package tracking, updates can enhance the Gmail interface and provide users with more details on the matter regarding any incoming packages.

When users click on the list view button, they can find a green colored label that’s linked to their email title and this shows the status of delivery for that particular package. And in case you wish to seek more details, you can always head on over to the mail itself and get presented with cards seen toward the top. This showcases all the crucial details about a particular delivery.

For now, the offering is going to work well with the likes of leading shipping carriers but Google is yet to specify which carriers are going to get support through the rollout.

Just head on over to the Settings menu of the Gmail application on your Android device and click on the package tracking. After it gets activated, you’ll be provided with indicators that showcase which packages are supported and which are not.

Moreover, you can even witness menu options seen in the pictures above. Gmails hopes to showcase certain indicators in the form of labels to provide greater insights.

You’ll be seeing tags like delivered today, a label created, and even arriving tomorrow’ as status updates on your package delivery. Also, the company hopes to showcase updates whenever a package gets delayed.

The best bit is, whenever there appears to be some sort of a major update on a package’s status, the app would be pushing the email toward the inbox’s top. And this way, users may witness the status alter immediately.

If you wish to give this new feature a try, simply click on the Settings menu seen inside Gmail for that particular account and enable that. In case you have trouble, don’t worry, You probably need to update your app to its latest variant to benefit.

While most of us probably didn’t see such a feature coming to Gmail anytime soon, we’re sure users are going to adore the simplicity this creates as most people do use Gmail for work purposes so it’s an added layer of convenience.

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