How To Make Your Visuals Stand Out In 2023? (infographic)

A new year means a new beginning and if you happen to be on the lookout for ways to make your visuals stand out this time around, well, we’ve got some great news for you.

This year, team Venngage has put together a brand new overview of some integral elements that are sure to make your visuals stand out this year. The trends are plenty and it’s now up to you to give that business of yours an elevated push like no other. Trust us when we say that your data presentation skills are getting elevated like never before. So, let’s take a look!

For starters, 2023 is all about making the most of bright and bold tones. Vibrancy is key here so how about a little lime green and blue brilliance to kickstart the year. To help you better grace the face of the best infographics, we’re sure vibrant tones can add that element of liveliness to any visual content.

Experts are calling on animation lovers to take a bow because this year is about animation brilliance in the form of motion graphics. Take a step back from static storytelling and say hello to dynamic visuals and communication in the most lively of ways. It’s bound to increase engagement on your posts too.

While the year 2022 was all about nostalgia, 2023 is about vintage or old esthetics. It’s time to rethink the past in a wonderful manner with the help of a creative presentation of your data. This is sure to get your audience’s attention and make them reminiscence along the way as well. Hence, if you planned on holding back on that throwback, well, it’s time to stop!

The fourth most popular trend for making your visuals pop in 2023 is the personalization of your data. Today’s modern era is all about digitalization in terms of data collection. So many brands and leading social media apps are using this to help make viewers better realize their ideas. After all, who wouldn’t love to learn more details about themselves.

Experts are also looking at gradients to make it big this year. It’s an easy way to add an element of sleek and futuristic insights to your infographics. You can play with fonts, charts, shapes, and even headings. Just remember that this subtle color-blending feature is sure to stay.

If we told you that creative lines are trending in the world of visual design, would you believe us? It’s an artist’s dream and we can only understand why. It does not matter what the content is about but if you present it using creative linework, half of your job is done in terms of attracting users. Add innovation to timelines or simply give that diagram a boost- we know you can do it!

Last but not least, this year is all about saying hello to a classic favorite. Remember, the basics never seem to go out of trend and here, basic charts and diagrams are still going strong in 2023 for infographics. Now it’s up to your brand to design if they’re willing to add some artistic elements to it or keep it classic.

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