HDR videos are taking over Instagram and it is the worst trend for social media users

HDR has been a ‘thing’ for a while now however it is time we understand the proper usage of the feature or stop using it altogether to bless everyone’s eyesight.

People have been recording videos and taking pictures in HDR for quite some time. Samsung and Apple launched the feature quite a while back and forced people to use it without giving them an understanding of it. As a result, everyone now uses HDR and they aren’t even aware of what happens when they post it.

What happens is when they post it, thousands of Apple users following them are subjected to blinding posts. Whether you’re in the dark, dimly lit space, or in broad daylight, HDR posts do not consider the brightness of your phone. Such posts completely ignore the brightness level and blind the user with their overly flashy colors and saturation level.

It is acceptable for people to make HDR videos when on vacation or at a party but posting that same video, without the slightest bit of editing is certainly not acceptable. People do not need to feel the same flashing vibe in the middle of the night that they experienced when recording the video.

So, what to do about it? Either both Apple and Samsung stop enabling the HDR feature in their future models, or they can simply educate users about when to use the feature. Educating would be the more efficient option here for phones that auto-enable the feature already.

The only concern here is that Apple doesn't give the option to disable the HDR in the settings. This feature is automatically enabled hence all pictures are always bright.

The bright side here is that only Apple users have to suffer from this. Android users and people using desktops do not have to go through the same eye-blinding pain that Apple users face. Another good news is that this problem is only evident on platforms like Reddit and Instagram.

We hope to find a solution to this problem soon to prevent Apple users from going blind.

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